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Studio Policies: Registration/Tuition/Late Fees: We accept registration year-round. There are cut offs for summer camps, summer classes, and spring semester before our spring show as listed in our school calendar on this website. Registration is not considered complete until we have a registration document and payment including the registration, first month of tuition, and last month of tuition. Late fees are applied to tuition paid after the fifth of the month. Pro rates may be made to tuition when someone begins mid-month or payment cycle. Tuition is not transferable and not refundable.

Recitals: We offer two recitals per year. One production is in the fall and one in the spring. It is a complete musical/story instead of just dances. It includes all the dance and musical theatre classes who wish to participate. Students enroll with a separate document available on this website, recital fee, and all tuition must be current so they can take class in preparation for the show. Payments not kept current will result in students being withdrawn from the recital experience. Recital fees are not transferable and not refundable.

Insurance: All students of our programs should have medical insurance since all our offerings are physical in nature. It is recommended that students consult a doctor before participating in any physical activity. Genesis Arts LLC, Lori Struss-Weatherly, and her staff will not be responsible for injuries and illness that result from participation in our offerings. All clients should follow the suggested guidelines for participation, study, and training. Students who do not train year-round increase their possibility for injury, particularly at the higher levels of training.

Missed/Make Up Classes: We welcome students to make up classes at anytime while they are currently enrolled in our programs. We suggest getting a suggestion for a class with similar level and material to insure the best use of your time and tuition. You may phone us at 443 750 1332 or email us at Students may not attend make up classes after dis-enrolling from our programs. Make up classes are not transferable to another student or family member.

Late Arrivals: We welcome students at any time to any class. Because dance and fitness require warm up, we reserve the right to request a student not attempt any skills that we did not personally warm them up for. We will not be responsible for injuries that result from students disregarding our professional advice. Again, Genesis Arts, Lori Struss-Weatherly, and the staff will not be responsible for injuries that occur in these instances.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up: Students under age 2 will need a parent present in the building during their class for bathroom visits. Anyone not potty trained should have a parent present. Students under 13 need a parent to accompany them until which time their class begins. It is fine for parents to leave during class times. It is recommended they arrive a few minutes prior to the end of the class to insure on time arrival. No student should be left unattended in the waiting room for their safety. No student should be outside the business waiting for pick up for their safety. Staff should not be expected to watch students between classes accept in emergency situations.

Inclement Weather: We have three methods of notification for closing. Our first is a phone message on 443 750 1332. Our second is our Facebook page. Our third is email notifications. Please keep your email information current.

Video/Photography: We welcome students and clients to share photos and video from class except in the instances that staff members request privacy. We use class video for learning dances and use our You Tube page to educate and promote our school. Likewise, we use our photos and videos on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter for promotional purposes. No one will be tagged unless they request it or give us permission by signing our privacy policy on the registration form.

Class Progression: No single person is like any other person. Classes are best recommended by age and then by ability. We prefer to see each individual in classes to best recommend a program for them. Please schedule a free trial class so we can best meet your needs. You may call the studio phone line 443 750 1332 or email us at .

Observation: We have an open-door policy on visits, observation, and trials. Rehearsals are the only time we request privacy as we seek to maximize our time and focus. Please respect that if we close a door, we are trying to keep the group on task, not to make anyone feel unwelcome.

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