Dress Code

Dress Code/Recommended Attire:

All female dance students shall wear a leotard with tights for class and use clips, barrettes, hairbands, or ponytails to keep their hair out of their face and make spotting turns easy. Ballet students shall have their hair in buns unless their hair is not long enough.

Students in jazz, tap, modern, acrobatics, hip hop, and contemporary may wear jazz pants, dance shorts, or unitards.

Female Ballet Students


Female Jazz or Tap Students

Male Jazz, Tap, Contemporary Students

Female Contemporary Students

Hip Hop Students

Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Black Ballet Shoes

Black Jazz or Tap Shoes

Black Socks
Black Jazz or Tap Shoes

Tan Tights
Tan Jazz Shoes

Black Dance Sneakers

All acrobatics and modern students should have convertible tights or jazz pants so they can have their feet bare for the best traction.

All male dance students shall wear a t-shirt and shorts or jazz pants. Only in classes consisting of age appropriate peers, may gentlemen wear more form fitting attire such a unitard or tights so long as they also wear a dance belt for modesty purposes.

Female musical theatre students shall wear a leotard with tights or a leotard and jazz pants. Male musical theatre students shall wear a t-shirt and jazz pants or fitness pants. All musical theatre students need black jazz shoes and females may also wear black character shoes.

All female fitness students shall wear a sports bra under their t-shirt or dance attire as listed above. Fitness attire is also acceptable. Lightweight tennis shoes such as cross trainers or dance sneakers are helpful in all fitness classes. Male fitness participants may wear a t-shirt and track pants or shorts with lightweight tennis shoes.

During the winter months, we suggest that all students wear layers for their comfort in the classroom and to allow them to remove layers as they warm up while dancing.

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