Conduct Guidelines

There are so many places in life where we don’t feel accepted, loved, and appreciated for our talents. This dance studio should not be one of them.

Use kind words. Think before speaking. Don’t talk to anyone in a way you don’t want to be spoken to. Be respectful to one another in class, in the building, and in performances.

Take a teacher or fellow student aside privately if you are upset with something they said, did, or wore. Anything that can be said in anger can also be said nicely. Find the nice way. It will grow you.

Treat class like it’s a job. Thank your teachers for corrections because this means they care enough about you, your safety, and your talent to want to help you.

See each class as an opportunity to improve, grow, and experience something in a fresh way. Not all music and movement will be your favorite. Not all of our favorite things are good for us. A balance is important.

Don’t mark material because muscle memory is stronger than thought. Nurture your work ethic; it will serve you in all areas of your life.

Lastly remember that in this space, you are loved. We will all give grace to your bad day, your bad moment, or your tough week. We will accept an occasional harsh word or awkward moment without judgment. We will hug you and cheer you when you need us.

Leave your problems in a jar by the door. At Genesis Arts, it is time for you to let go of your stress and enjoy your friends, your class, and your time away from the rigors of the day.

Lastly, remember:

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