Kindergarten to Second Grade Dance & Musical Theatre

Monday 1:30 pm Preballet/Tap 1 ages 3.5-5 YRS. (1 Hour)

Monday 2:30 pm Preballet/Tap 2 ages 4.5-6 YRS. (1 Hour)

Monday 4:30 pm Ballet 1 ages 6-8 YRS. (45 Min)

Tuesday 9:30 am Preballet/Tap 1 ages 3.5-5 YRS. (1 Hour)

Tuesday 4:30 pm Hip Hop 1 ages 6-8 YRS. (45 Min)

Tuesday 5:15 pm Preballet/Tap 2 ages 4.5-6 YRS (1 Hour)

Wednesday 11:15 am Pre Hip Hop 1 ages 3.5-5 YRS. (30 Min)

Wednesday 4:30 pm Ballet 2 ages 8-10 YRS. (1 Hour)

Wednesday 5:30 pm Tap 2 ages 8-10 YRS. (1 Hour)

Thursday 4:30 pm Preballet/Tap 1 ages 3.5-5 YRS. (1 Hour)

Thursday 6:15 pm Hip Hop 1 ages 6-8 YRS. (45 Min)

Friday 6:30 pm Acrobatics ages 7- Up (1 Hour)

Saturday 9 am Petite Team ages 5-9 YRS. (45 Min)

Saturday 9:45 am Ballet 2 ages 8-10 YRS. (1 Hour)

Saturday 10 am Preballet/Tap ages 3.5-5 YRS. (1 Hour)

Saturday 10:45 am Jazz 2 ages 8-10 YRS. (1 Hour)

*As with the younger students, we always play age appropriate music with age appropriate movement. The students can stay engaged for longer periods and build on the skills they have had in the program. Brand new students to dance and musical theater are welcomed since an experienced 6 year old and a beginner 8 year old would have common gross motor coordination.


Musical Theatre: A unique blend of acting, singing, and dance. Students will learn physical and vocal warm ups they can use for a lifetime as well as team building skills through acting scenes and theatre games.

Ballet 1 and 2: It’s the foundation of dance and so necessary to training a bright mind and beautiful poised person. We teach classical technique with a focus on Vagonava training which was created to engage the whole body as a magnificent musical instrument.

Preballet/Tap 1 and 2: TWO classes in ONE! This class is a continuation of the Preballet/Tap 1 class with continuing work on musicality, timing, and working as a group and with partners with more jumps, new turns, and greater control.

Pre Hip Hop 1, 2, and Hip Hop 1 and 2/3: Just like Pre Hip Hop, this is a class for an energetic friend. Fun music, big movements, and easy to follow directions make this class a win for all age groups working to grow confidence on the dance floor.

Tap 1 and 2: Nothing is as American as tap dance. It was created as blend of styles from African American and Irish immigrants in the 1920s. We vary the styles and teach this classic with a focus on it’s rhythm roots as well as Broadway styles.

Jazz 1 and 2: Like tap dance, jazz dance began in America onstage and on the screen. We include a diverse group of jazz styles including Broadway, Giordano, Hatchett, Rock, Funk, Lyrical, Fosse, Contemporary, and Hip Hop movements to create a strong and versatile mover.

Acrobatics: This class is an open level due to the personal achievement within different people. This class focuses on flexibility, strength, and balance while training the student on the mat in various acrobatic skills. All tumbling will be spotted until each skill is mastered.

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