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By Invitation

We welcome students to visit our team rehearsals and try a dance class before considering us. They are also welcomed to come to our competitions, shadow our rehearsals at the venue, and watch our performances.

Students will be invited to join a team based on their class participation. In order to achieve success, students must come on time, be prepared to work, giving full energy, and working on the corrections they receive in class and rehearsal. Their focus should be on participating as a valuable part of a group. We practice the fine art of the compliment sandwich when we find two things we appreciate in each performer and one side order of correction. This method helps the students to feel supported while making adjustments toward improving individual as well as group performances.

Students who miss more than one rehearsal, not due to illness or injury, per semester may be asked to discontinue team. Only students who show this commitment will be allowed on the team for the following year.

Staff will be adjudicating each student’s level and place each student in an appropriate group for summer and fall. Competition students must participate in two weeks of summer camp study. Summer is a great time to improve dance technique, strength, flexibility, and build a strong bond with fellow dancers. Students need to spend time together to foster a relationship of trust, friendship, and support necessary to succeed on a team.

We look forward to a very successful year. Our fall schedule will be set by June 1st to allow you time to consider this opportunity and all it involves.

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Students must be regularly attending their dance classes and rehearsals on time with no more than one missed class per month, maintaining the required team uniform and accessories, and practicing our team values! Team members are required to do year- round study. Petite Team members should do one week of Competition Camp and other team members may pick two weeks of camp that is their choice. Senior Team must take three ballet classes a week and contemporary along with weekly team rehearsal. Intermediate Team must attend two ballet classes per week and Jazz along with weekly team rehearsal. Junior, Adult, and Petite Team must attend one ballet class, one jazz class, and weekly rehearsal.

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Team Uniform

  • Team members must wear their team jacket at competition and workshops.
  • Team Rhinestone Earrings, Three Strand Rhinestone Necklace, and Rhinestone hair tie.
  • Eyelashes and Make up provided from an Amazon list. Lip shades will be chosen to match costuming.
  • Nude Leotard or nude bra and briefs for underneath costumes.
  • Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and pointe shoes for ballet.
  • Tan Stirrup Tights for Modern, Lyrical, or Contemporary, Tan Jazz Shoes for Lyrical, Flesh Pirouettes in canvas for Contemporary
  • Black fishnets and black jazz shoes for jazz numbers.
  • Black Pastry jazz sneakers for Hip Hop.
  • All attire should be clean, without holes, or scuff marks.
  • No nail polish, toe nail polish, visible tattoos, and only nude colored briefs. Boys and men must wear dance belts. 
  • All workshop bracelets should be worn on the right arm. Genesis Arts Team Jacket, proper dance attire for class (leotard, tights), and hair requirements for workshop events. No baggy attire unless in hip hop classes.

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Team Values

We support and clap for everyone. Everyone is on the same team- we love dance and dancers. No one is allowed to make negative about another team or a member of our team, despite their personal choices in attire, movement, or behavior in public. We offer to help each other in all ways, sharing back up attire and accessories, and assist each other whenever possible. We are respectful to all adults, especially parents, and the parents agree to these values as well. We will strive to give each other positive feedback and constructive critiques that lead to quality performances. We practice and perfect our technique as well as our performance skills- the best performer is one who makes the audience feel something! No one person is more important than anyone else and all efforts to improve add to the strength of our team and the quality of our character as human beings. We take responsibility more seriously than awards and work to praise the ones who make our dreams possible: our parents, our teachers, and most important- God!

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Behavior in Classes
We expect that you will be open to new teaching styles, new styles of dance, and new choreography. We don’t ask that you absolutely love everything, but a positive attitude when approaching new things will make it that much more enjoyable. You get out what you give in!

Attire for Classes
The same as is expected of you at Genesis Arts. In addition, dancers must also have a cover-up over costumes or dance attire at all times in the lobby of the hotel to maintain modesty.

Behavior in Competition

As Performer
Come prepared to the Competition an hour in advance of your performance time (these times will be emailed) with hair and make-up done. Make sure you warm-up for your dances! No eating in costume. Please listen to all instructions from backstage helpers and teachers.  When lining up for a group dance, wait patiently without talking. Practice makes perfect! Rehearse at home and practice prior to performing.

As Audience Member
Clap for everyone! No talking during a performance. Please keep our personal opinions to ourselves until we are in a private situation such as our hotel rooms or back home.

Behavior in Lobby of Hotel
All of the participants from the Competition will be staying in the hotel; it is very important that you do not discuss the class that you did not enjoy or the dance that you thought should have been costumed differently while waiting in the lobby of the hotel, as you never know who is listening. It’s just better competition courtesy!  The same goes for comments about our studio and studio members: dancers, parents, and teachers; derogatory comments only reflect poorly on yourself!

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Behavior in Competition
If you are in the audience during the competition, please be respectful of all the pieces; no talking during a performance.  Clap for everyone! Same as the students, keep personal opinions to yourselves at the event and other public places.

Behavior in Lobby of Hotel
The same rules apply as we stated under student’s behavior in the lobby of the hotel. In addition, we expect that you will be setting an example for your children and refrain from talking negatively, as we would like this to be a positive experience for all.  Also, please be responsible for the children in your care; double checking with them that they have all required possessions. If attending classes, please keep conversations to a minimum and in hushed tones so as not to disturb the class or teachers. Ensure that students are eating healthy including fruit, vegetables, and protein for best performances.

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Choreography Rates

Solos, Duets, and Trios will be charged a flat fee of $210. This will cover choreography and three hours of rehearsal and cleaning. Additional time will require a fee in accordance with our private lesson rates.

Group Dances will be charged according to a flat rate of $250. This will cover choreography and three hours of rehearsal. All group dances will require the clients to agree to set rehearsals and performances at the beginning of the year. Anyone who does not keep to the required schedule will be cut from the dances and their fees are non-refundable.

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Prospective Competitive Events

  • Dance Educators of America
  • Onstage
  • Columbia Associations’ Battle of the Dance
  • Benefit Performances:
    • Children’s Cancer Fund
    • St. John’s Parish Day School
    • St. John’s Elementary

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Benefit Performances

  • Children’s Cancer Fund
  • St. John’s Parish Day School
  • St. John’s Elementary
  • Northfield Elementary

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